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I have always been a big fan of the fashion industry. It has been a large part of my life ever since I can remember. Even my friends will tell you how often I would do their hair and makeup, all while wearing my highest heels. To me, what makes fashion so incredibly special and beautiful is the fact that everyone in the world has the ability to form unique combinations and express themselves exactly the way they want. As I grew more involved with fashion, my burning desire for this industry manifested to the creation of my very own online store, Can A Girl Catch A Break Chic Boutique.  

During my fashion entrepreneur journey, I remember distinctively being at my friend's guest room in Bonaire, GA, trying to plan the beginning stages of my store while enduring a miscarriage. It was such a devastating and dark time in my life. With everything hitting me all at once, there was an enlightening moment in disguise that turned my life around for a much brighter future. It was a simple, yet powerful question that I asked while tears ran down my face: “Can a girl catch a break?”. That was the moment my store and published book established their name. It was the turning point of taking back my life, and the rest is history.

When developing my site and picking out the content displayed on it, I ensured that everything you see is nothing but the best quality. I would never promote any product that I would not wear myself. Currently, there are 708 items available, and that number will continue to grow. The website is also extremely clean and user-friendly, making navigation a breeze so you will always be able to easily and quickly find what you are looking for without any hassle. The primary way I organized everything is by category.    


Stores with tons of options and variety make for a much better shopping experience. From bottoms, tops, coats, dresses, jumpsuits and, rompers, you can find it all at Can A Girl Catch A Break Chic Boutique. I also offer fantastic plus-sized options as well as two-piece sets for you to style yourself in one quick stop. No matter what you choose, you can be confident that you will be getting the highest quality, form-fitting material that you will undoubtedly fall in love with.


Having the perfect final touch is critical. You may have the ideal outfit, but never forget that your shoe choice can make or break the look you are going for. From jaw-dropping and must-have boots and heels, I can promise that you will be able to find the best and elegant styles you desire to boost your confidence and enhance your overall style. Not to mention that shoe shopping is so much fun to do in general!


I know that beauty comes from within and women should never have to rely on makeup to feel beautiful. However, makeup is one of those fashion features that embark creativity and self-reflection. It is another self-expression outlet, which is why I added terrific products to my store for you to reap the benefits from. Take a look at this section of the site to see different makeup brushes, eye shadow, and lipstick varieties. Each product was analyzed thoroughly to exceed your expectations.


Are you a jewelry enthusiast or looking for a perfect shiny piece to complete your look? Having great jewelry options that go with any outfit you choose is a must have. On my site, you will find a massive selection of watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and anklets to add that extra spice to your style. From elegant to fun looking designs, you will undeniably find what you are after to obtain that "wow factor."


I wanted to make my store as accessible and diverse as possible, so with that in mind, my last category is accessories. This section is where you will be able to find all of your varied needs, such as key chains, scarves, sunglasses, wireless chargers, and purses. Take a look and shop around to see if any of these accessories are calling your name.

Shipping Details

I dedicated a lot of time focusing on shipping policies because I wanted to make the process as smooth as possible. In fact, one of the great features offered is if you are anywhere in the United States, you can enjoy the luxury of having free shipping on all merchandise. Even with this highlight, I do offer and welcome international shipping because every woman around the world deserves a break sometimes. No matter where you are located, I will ship to you. All orders are shipped via E-Packet or USPS and typically placed 3-5 business days (20-30 business days if international) after you place your order. You will also never have to wonder where your shipment is in the process because you will get updated email notifications, such as when your items have shipped.


Can A Girl Catch a Break Chic Boutique is for women all over the world do precisely as the name suggests, to catch a break. I know firsthand how hard life can be and how vital it is for you to take some time for yourself occasionally. Self-care is essential and even more critical when you are going through a default time. Sometimes the best way for you to rejuvenate is to invest in something new to get a fresh new outlook on life. When you feel like spoiling yourself and finding perfect outfits and accessories to make your day a little brighter, then you can assure that you will find what you are looking for here. From makeup, clothing, jewelry, and much more, I used strategic planning methods to make sure there is something here for everyone. For quick reference, please feel free to check out the current catalog to see everything my store has to offer in one easy click.

Have you gotten your break today?

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