From Tragedy to Triumph (Navy Veteran/Entrepreneur)

From Tragedy to Triumph (Navy Veteran/Entrepreneur)

Life is such a beautiful thing that we get to experience. We all have the capacity to find our purpose, present who we truly are, and achieve goals during our time here on Earth to hopefully leave it a little better than we found it.  Both the best and worst parts about life are what formed the person we are today and pave the way for who we will become. However, sometimes the obstacles we face can knock us down hard, making it feel impossible to get back up. Trying to cope after a tragedy, such as a miscarriage, verbally abusive relationships (personal and at work), and a bad breakup can all be incredibly painful and devastating. This is why I wrote my book, Can a Girl Catch a Break? to not only help myself through my own hurdles, but to guide and support you as well.

I know first-hand the emotions you are going through because I have personally experienced a miscarriage that sent me down the path to find coping mechanisms during my grieving process. During this dark time in my life, I dedicated sharing my experience with the world with the mission to guide others going through similar situations to lead them from tragedy to triumph. I turned my pain, hurt, and grief into motivation and courage to push myself forward to positively impact others through my story. 

I am confident that my book will be able to help you tremendously in any given tragic situation, and I highly recommend grabbing a copy if you are having a difficult time coping.  However, if you are in desperate need of quick coping strategies right now, then here are some techniques you can practice to start your healing journey.  

Find A Healthy Outlet

I wrote Can A Girl Catch A Break? in just 6 days and published it 30 days after. Writing was my healing outlet and was my first step in sorting out my emotions. I loved the idea of being able to share my experiences with the world to help others going through the same or similar circumstances. I changed my outlook and made the best out of this extremely tough situation, and so can you.  

Whether you decide to write and share like I did, or use some other form of self-expression, finding something to latch onto to dig deep into yourself and really figure out how you will move on is incredibly beneficial to survive emotionally.  

Give Yourself Time

 Unlike the typical saying, time does not heal all wounds. However, it does play a large part in acceptance. Allow yourself plenty of time to grieve and learn healthy ways to cope after a tragedy. No one should ever expect you to bounce back from something so life-altering and devastating. Keep in mind that the time it takes for you to heal emotionally takes much longer than the physical recovery. It is essential to understand the grieving process and realize that what you are feeling is completely normal, even if you do feel like a hot mess right now. You are allowed to be vulnerable and take the time you need to heal.

Take Care of Yourself

It is critical to still keep your best interests in mind even when you are going through a hard time. Eat healthy meals, sleep regularly, and stay on top of proper hygiene. I know how easy it can be to stay in bed all day under the covers and put your needs on the backburner. However, it is vital to carve out time for yourself. Actively practicing self-love, self-forgiveness, and being self-compassionate are important factors in coping after a tragedy.

Seek Professional Assistance

If you end up falling into a deep depression, PTSD, guilt, or any other debilitating emotion, it could be time to ask for assistance. You will not be seen as weak if you decide to seek professional help, such as a counselor or a psychiatrist. In fact, it is the most courageous thing you can do when you feel like you have hit rock bottom with no way to get out on your own. We all need help sometimes, so if you feel like you are lost in a negative headspace, reach out to professional services to get yourself back on track.

Think About Your Future

It can be easy to get so caught up in the current moment and feel nothing but despair and distress. Even though it is okay to be completely engulfed in your emotions and feel them fully, you should think about your future as well. When you are ready, start to picture where you are going to go from here. Make awesome goals and plans for yourself to have something to look forward to. Keep in mind that just because you may be looking ahead does not mean you have to forget what has happened to you.  It merely means that you are taking control of your situation and making the best out of it. This is exactly what I did when I decided to write my book. Use your tragedy as motivation for you to continue onward with your life as positively and as enriched as you can be.


Even though I wish my miscarriage and other tragic life events never happened to me, I can thank my hardships for helping me reach deep inside myself and giving me the burning desire to help others cope after a tragedy. I find peace in sharing my story and guiding other people to find healthy coping techniques, no matter what situation they are facing.

It can be hard to think clearly and utilize the coping mechanisms I mentioned above, but you will be doing yourself a favor if you at least try. If you want more in-depth guidance, my book Can A Girl Catch A Break? will be able to give you all the support you need during this devastating time so you can go from tragedy to triumph. Remember, you are never alone, and you can always reach out to me whenever you need to.

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